I have been meaning to do a post on this for ages- but here goes anyway. I regularly wear headwraps to work or out and about. for several reasons I suppose. First being of course I am lazy (or running late- black wrap is ALWAYS washed and ready to go!)

The second is that it frightens the hell out of people!! I LOVE that. Seriously some people wont speak to me when my head is wrapped- how ignorant is that?!- thats who I am dealing with on a daily basis people.... Anywhoo- since doing the whole natural thing, I thought I would wrap my hair more than usual, but that has not really been the case.


I usually wrap my hair in one of two ways. Either high on my head (Regal like!) or in a ponytail at the back.


I buy material from a local market and it literally lasts for years. I have around four or five different colours, but I usually wear the black. here are some images I have found from around the web.

fyeahafrica:  afro-art-chick:  Taé - Female clothing and Accessories

(via staysuckafree)





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Have you tried the headwrap?  what say you?


Jah Bless