Minnie Riperton 1947-1979

 Minnie Julia Riperton is probably best known for her 5 octave voice range and the song 'Loving You'. She came to mind as I was watching a documentary about breast cancer recently. I did not realise  that is how she died. It is an issue quite close to my heart at the moment as a good friend and colleague has just finished her chemo for the disease. She has been an absolute soldier as far as I am concerned. She came to work everyday-except when she had her treatment, then she was back straight afterwards. She just shaved her head to save 'the fuss'. She just gets on with it. I admire that.


Anyway, I digress. Minnie had an amazing voice and as it happens,  always had amazing hair!! enjoy the pics.



 Love Lives Forever Pic


She was very photogenic, no matter the occasion, that smile was meant for the camera!

   Minnie Riperton (1947 - 1979) Beautiful Minnie Jungle-ish Minnie           

      Minnie Portrait 2Minnie Singing Minnie Portrait                                                                                                                                                               

   Pics taken from here. also lots of excellent photos and info on Minnie.





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minnie 2


Jah Bless