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I am turly honoured to be able to bring to you natural hair guru Sasha Shae Shaw. This is one of the sites that inspired me to start blogging. She has real explicit instructions. I like that. She also has a massive following- which is great, as there is always someone whos story you can relate to.


Tell me your story, when and why did you decide to go natural?
Well I went natural again because I realized it was perfect for me. I was natural for close to 15 years of my life, then I decided to relax my hair. During my 2 years relaxed period, I realize it wasn't for me. My hair would break and also I missed the versatility, so I decided to cut it and return to natural. I had complete support from my mother and a few friends, others were a little apprehensive to the idea that I cut my hair and some more so to the seemingly taboo idea of going natural. Either way, this journey was for me, not for them, so I did what suited me best and what essentially would make me happy. Now I am on a joyous, yes sometimes rocky road, but I wouldn't trade it.

My journey I'd say is sometimes rocky because when I fail to listen to my hair I pay the consequences. For example, I suffered a minor setback after wanting to flat iron my hair. What I failed to take into account was that my hair though seemingly thick, the strands are actually quite fine, I just have a lot of them. So putting too much heat on my hair is a no no! Needless to say, my journey is about learning from my hair everyday. Now that I know what my hair can and can not handle, I make sure to give it the best of everything



What is your current rountine? day and night -products included


Currently my routine is to wash/condition/style weekly. This is an intensive one day process, lol. I start by taking my hair down from whatever style it was in, then I go ahead and part my hair into 4 sections. After that I proceed to wet my hair until it is completely soaked and saturated with water. Next I decide either to add EVOO or a conditioner suitable for detangling. I finger detangle and then rinse lightly. After I follow up with a shampooing, and as of late I am trying to rinse the shampoo out by first covering it with conditioner so my hair isn't stripped. After this I add my infusium 23 and let it sit for 10 mins, then add my deep conditioner over that and let that sit for another 10-25 mins (my hair is in twists at this point, about 2-3 twists per section). Rinse with cold/lukewarm water while still in the twists, then with Vatika oil I moisturize and seal with a little shea butter over that. That's it. If I decide to twist, I just go ahead and add blended beauty happy nappy styles to each twist.


What 3 products could you not live without?
I don't think I'd be able to live without vatika coconut oil, happy nappy styles and a little shea butter.


Why the blog? how did it all begin?
 I started my blog because I wanted to be able to share my story on my natural hair. Then soon after I realized I wanted to open it ot the public as a knowledge base. Blogging for me is fun and informative. I get to share what i've learned and have others share with me the same.

Two tips for  natural newbies

  1. Take it slow and steady. Do not rush your hair growth process. Take the time to learn your hair. From my experience,, it is so easy to get caught up in wanting a particular grade of hair, or style type of hair, but what we need to understand is to listen to our hair. The texture and density and strand size greatly affects what you can do and can use for your hair, listen to it. It will take time to know your hair completely, but if you're out trying to get what everyone else has you'll never truly know.
  2. Think of your journey as a garden. With patience, love and care every garden is made into something beautiful. Likewise it is with your hair. Share with others, because knowledge is power and it's really important for us to all grasp the beauty of natural hair.



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Do you think there is a 'natural hair revolution' taking place in the US- or are we still a while away from that?
I do believe to some degree there is Natural Hair revolution happening within the US. A lot more women and men are becoming aware of wearing their hair naturals. It might still be taboo in some places, but it's amazing to see so many people reclaim the beauty of natural hair. I enjoy seeing people who flaunt their natural hair in styles and ways that I could have only dreamed. I look forward to seeing what will happen in the next few years.

Thank you so much for giving me the chance to share my story.

Sasha-Shae Shaw

What a beautiful woman, inside and out. Thank you to you Sasha-you are truely an inspiration.

If you have not already done so, check out the blog

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Or check her out here or here or here!!

Site: http://afroniquelyyou.com
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Jah Bless