The rain

Having grown up in London, I actually feel uncomfortable if it does not rain at least once a week (lol-this is sad, but true). I am no artist, but I do appreciate a good pic. I really like rain shots, there is just something 'homely' about them. I also love New York. My maternal grandmother (colloquially known as 'short stuff' as she is not even 5 foot!) I love that crazy woman soooo much. She has just left the UK after comming over for my cousins wedding. This pic brought a tear to my eye. I miss her. Creator willing, I will see her next year. We (my brother and I) spent many a summer in NY, Far Rockaway to be precise.

*Anyhoo, here are a few rain pics I love to look at. I hope you enjoy them too.

Good old London Town!!

Any Random things you like?

Jah Bless